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Who We Are


 I had the pleasure of working with Pat and becoming a close family friend as a result of my time as the Managing Director at Garlock (Great Britain) Limited.

Pat has been instrumental in bringing the acquisition of 3 companies in the UK together with her focus on the people throughout the organisation, increasing in number from 15 to over 90 staff within 12 months.

She has an eye for detail and rapport with staff where everyone she meets respects and befriends her. She has been loyal to a fault and the most trusted member of the management team. Her refusal to sit in an 'ivory tower' and create platitudes of policy statements is one of her key strengths as she approaches business from a pragmatic standpoint. Preferring to mingle and become of the workers enables her to report on the real 'pulse' of any organisation.

I would highly recommend Pat to anyone in business, large or small for friendly helpful advice whatever the situation. Her invaluable experience of HR law and voluntary court experience as a JP means almost any situation will not faze her.

I would be pleased to discuss her approach to business as a referee. 

Stuart Phythian - General Manager
Smith International Gulf Services L.L.C

Smith International Gulf Services L.L.C

We are qualified human resource professionals who specialise in removing the HR burden from small to medium sized businesses by offering a completely different approach from the customary advice lines.

By being totally hands on, often working from the company's own premises, we literally provide them with their own HR department as and when needed.

We have a proven track record with a variety of companies who are happy to provide references for us.

What we can do for your business.

First and foremost we feel it is vital to create a positive employee culture. This means not only do we provide you with the means to achieve your objectives while complying with difficult legislation, but also to build up a relationship and gain the confidence of your employees.

We can provide you with all necessary documentation, e.g. contracts of employment, company handbooks, etc. to ensure compliance.

We are able to put in place procedures, for instance, to monitor absence levels, while at the same time, counselling staff to ascertain any problems that may lie behind any absences which often results in a return to normal working patterns.

We can be on site to deal with disciplinary issues. Draft appropriate letters inviting employees to attend disciplinary hearings, requests for medical reports, letters of dismissal, etc. Be on hand to attend or even chair disciplinary/grievance and appeal hearings, giving you the added comfort in the knowledge that procedures are being followed correctly.

The Benefits for you and your business

We can be on site dealing with the day to day occurrences - once a week - twice a week - once a month - or as when needed!

  • You can always be certain you are compliant with latest legislation.
  • Negates the expense of employing a full time HR staff - you only pay for what you need.
  • By working with you together with your employees it ensures a happy and contented workforce, which ultimately results in better productivity.
  • By removing the HR burden we can save you valuable senior management time and resources.